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In a distant and magical world, dreams come alive in a place beyond our imagination. These dreams take form as the extraordinary Dreamerz, ethereal beings like no other. They emerged from a realm that exists only in our subconscious and inhabited satoshis cursed to the negative realm. Each Dreamerz is a captivating representation of the surreal and partially real experiences we encounter when we explore our minds. With stunning visual art and intricate patterns, these beings will take you on a journey through their subconscious worlds, where everything is possible, and nothing is as it seems. Though they are figments of our imagination, the Dreamerz possess the incredible power to transcend the boundaries between the dream world and reality, leaving an everlasting impact on all who encounter them. This transformative ability allows them to bring the intangible into the tangible, manifesting elements of the dream realm into our everyday lives, and thus, creating a unique bridge between two distinct dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

They're unique digital art pieces on the bitcoin blockchain - like owning a unique digital painting!

Yep! We're working on physical versions of the Dreamerz ordinals. Stay tuned.

We poured our heart into it! Each piece is carefully hand-drawn, ensuring it's perfect and unique, just for you. We are all about crafting the best for our collectors.

Dream Team

Jin Xiao